What we do

Creating blockchain services for the digital age

Blockchain meetups

We organize blockchain and crypto events at the largest conference hotel in Ljubljana

Live Exchange

Trade $LANA $ARCO $TAJ and other coins/tokens on Xeggex

Designs & interfaces

Open source mobile wallet for Android devices

What People Say

What People Say

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How AquariusCoin is Revolutionizing the Cryptocurrency Market AquariusCoin is revolutionizing the cryptocurrency market by introducing a new type of digital currency that is designed to be more secure, more efficient, and more accessible than traditional cryptocurrencies. AquariusCoin is a decentralized,...

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Introducing TajCoin: A Revolutionary Cryptocurrency for the Indian Market The Indian market is on the cusp of a revolution. With the introduction of TajCoin, a revolutionary cryptocurrency, the Indian market is set to experience a new level of financial freedom...

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LanaCoin je ena prvih osebnih kriptovalut, ustvarjena kot rojstnodnevno darilo z edinstveno lastnostjo lansiranja genskega bloka ob točnem času Laninega 10. rojstnega dne. Parametri verige blokov so v celoti napolnjeni z atributi, ki obdajajo čas in datum rojstva. Projekt se je sprva...

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LanaCoin poem created by Bing AI

LanaCoin is a coin of love Inspired by a singer from above She sings with passion and grace And has a beautiful face LanaCoin is a coin of speed It transfers value with ease It uses PoS to secure its...

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